Dental Handpiece – Most Useful Tool For Dental Treatments And Its Benefits

Dentists usually need some manual or electrical tools for repairing the damaged teeth of their patients. So, best quality handpieces are required for restoring the broken or decayed teeth to the normal state. A dental handpiece is a powerful tool for drilling the affected teeth speedily while preparing those teeth for suitable treatment procedures.

Dental Handpiece
Dental Handpiece

Main types of dental handpieces

Different types of handpieces are available, based on the functioning speed of these drilling machines.

  • Highspeed Air-Driven Handpiece
  • Low-speed Air-Driven Handpiece
  • Electric Dental Handpiece
  • Air-Driven Surgical Handpiece
  • Electric Surgical Handpiece
  • Hygiene Handpiece
  • Portable Handpiece

Vital parts included in an effective dental handpiece

  • Burr – Though air-driven handpiece driven by air-turbine is used by many dentists; currently, the electric dental handpiece is more popular. However, in all types of handpieces, the burr is the most important part that drills into the tooth of the patient. Burrs can be of various shapes and sizes, chosen according to the function of the handpieces. Burrs can be made of diamond, tungsten carbide, and stainless steel; among which steel burr is the most popular one. The topmost point of a burr can be circular or pear-shaped for cutting across the cavities of the teeth.
  • Connector – A handpiece is connected to the main dental unit, for supplying water and air while drilling into the teeth of patients. This connector may be either Bordon with two holes or Midwest with four holes. Now Midwest connector is most commonly used by the dentists, where two holes are for entry and exit of air, one hole for spraying cold water and the fourth hole is for providing cooling effect with air.
  • LED light – Earlier powerful external light was needed for drilling the damaged teeth cavities. However, now inbuilt LED or halogen lights used in a dental handpiece help the dentists inspect the whole mouth cavity more accurately. Moreover, these LED lights are highly long-lasting and produce very little amount of heat while emitting light.

Advantages of using a dental handpiece in dentistry

  • A well-designed dental handpiece is very effective in clearing the decay of a tooth completely, before filling the cavity or placing a crown on that tooth.
  • The damaged teeth need to be shaped up accordingly, before starting any required dental treatment, to save the remains of those teeth. A misshaped tooth can cause pain to the patient when the dentist proceeds with the essential dental procedures.
  • The decayed teeth should be first cleaned thoroughly and shaped up with the application of a handpiece, before accomplishing the root canal treatments successfully.
  • An air-driven or electric dental handpiece is also used for complete removal of old filling or the temporary crown, while the dentist prepares that tooth for further necessary actions.
  • An electrical handpiece functions silently, with the least vibration compared to an air-driven handpiece. Thus, a dentist can focus better on the dental condition of his patient, without being disturbed by any noise caused by the handpiece.
  • Due to the use of appropriate high-quality materials, a handpiece lasts for many years, in spite of constant use by the dentist who owns it. There is no chance of damage to the drilling tip while piercing even the hardest tooth enamel.
  • Some handpieces of the latest designs are provided with special features that enable the dentists to perform all kinds of endodontic operations. These handpieces can be used both on high speeds and low speeds, needed as per the conditions of patients’ teeth.

    Dental Handpiece
    Dental Handpiece

Many reputed brands offer different warranty periods, like 12 months, 18 months or 24 months on their manufactured handpieces. However, it is essential to take proper care of the dental handpiece to make sure of its smooth functions for a longer period.



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