Use of Syringe and Needle – Things You Must Know

If you have ever used needles and syringe, you might have understood how difficult it is to find the right one for the purpose of the same. When it comes to buying a syringe, there are plenty of things that you must take care of. For the starters, you have to know that all the syringes are different that are used for various purposes. Another important thing is to pick the right size needle and syringe to get the right dose of medicine and reducing your pain. While buying syringes and needles, you have to keep these things in your mind.

Things to Consider While Buying Syringe and Needle

Pick the Right Syringe and Needle

Selecting Syringe and needle are based on the volume of the medication and the pressure flow. Generally, people can measure the volumes in millimetres or centimetres. A 1 cc syringe is equal to a 1 mL syringe. The large syringe sizes are required for large volumes of medication and lower pressure flows as well.

Syringe and Needle
Syringe and Needle

While choosing the syringes and needles, you have to know the factors that include syringe uses for injection, medical tubing or irrigation.

Choose the Type

In recent times, Syringes come in various designs and varieties. Most of the syringes and needles come in the expandable form as well as comes with an attached needle or sometimes without a needle at all. People select the needle by the gauge size and the length of the needle. The needle thickness and gauge totally depend on the location of the injection.

The common type of syringe is the U-100 insulin syringe and needle for diabetic medications. This syringe can be used at only once and it is the very cheapest one.

Syringe and Needle Tip Selection

Needles and syringes tip come in various styles include the slip tip, Luer lock, Eccentric tip, and catheter tip.

Slip Tip:

The tip allows you to force the needle hub onto the syringe.

Catheter Tip:

It is commonly used with medical tubing like feeding tubes or catheters.

Luer Lock Tip:

It is the most common tip which can easily remove and install quickly. The twist mount assists to secure the needle to the syringe.

Eccentric tip:

When people need to inject a medication parallel to the skin, they can use the eccentric tip. Luer lock hub and polypropylene slip hub are the most commonly used syringe and needle.

Syringe and Needle
Syringe and Needle

Selecting the Length of Syringe and Needles

The length and thickness of the needle vary. A longer needle can be used to administer into the body muscles. On the other hand, short needles are used to underneath the skin. Selecting the best syringes and needles depends on the size of the patient as well as where the needle to be injected. For instance, a young child needs a short needle as compared to an adult. Two main types of Injection can be used at home. they are —

Subcutaneous Shots:

The shots are considered as relatively shallow shots which go into the fatty tissue directly underneath the skin. The needle should be small and short and one half to five-eighths of an inch long with a gauge of 25 to 30.

Intramuscular Shots:

The intramuscular injections should be thicker and longer because it goes directly into the muscle. Generally, muscles are deeper than the layer beneath the skin. The best of choice of needles are 20 or 22 g needles which are an inch and an inch and a half long.

There are some medications which include fertility drugs, vitamin B12, hormones, insulin and more that you may need to inject at home. The above-mentioned guidance will definitely help you when you are buying syringes and needles for your medication.


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