Features to Look for In While Buying a Time and Attendance System for Your Business

The adoption of automated processes has been increased a lot in the last few years. Time and attendance system is one area which is often ignored by many businesses which are more focused on getting external growth. An outdated system which is difficult to use, and which lacks flexible options can have a bad impact on future business opportunities and current growth as well. Sales are important, but more business owners should realize that creating efficient systems which allow the HR and other teams to run efficiently is very important.

Time and Attendance System
Time and Attendance System

Therefore, the time and attendance system should have such features which would be helpful for all. Here are a few points which you can consider while the system which you want to use in your company. 

Registration time

Keeping a record of employees’ attendance plays by the fingerprint sensor plays an important role in having a good attendance management system. One which has less than three seconds of time is the preferred by many businesses. A buyer of the biometric time and attendance system should ensure that the device always registers the fingerprint quickly and with the same swiftness data to the designated server. 

Auto logs import from device

A desktop application will be installed on the computer in the office network which will be used for importing data from the attendance device if you have chosen to implement time attendance device. The desktop application data will then connect all the attendance devices in the office-network and then it will upload the data on the online server so that it can be easily viewed over the internet. 

Battery backup of attendance system

In the IT industry, on an average, the basic employee works for about 9 hours in a day. So, the HR managers should understand the requirement before buying the biometric attendance system. There are basically two types of attendance management systems which are available in the market. One which is needed to relate to a wire to a computer system and the other one is a wireless one. Wireless system works on the Wi-Fi and hence battery backup is an important part of selecting a device. Generally, you should consider a battery backup of at least more than 6 hours. 

Absence management

Along with monitoring presence, time and attendance system should be able to help you with managing the absence of an employee as well. Whether it is unexpected due to illness, or the employee is on vacation, or paid time-off, it should be easy for the managers to keep a track at a glance about all the employees. The manager should also be able to know about the entitled overtime and allowances from the system. 

Payroll integration

If your payroll has been automated, your time and attendance system should be integrated with your payroll functionality. This will provide an accurate attendance data for the payroll cycle which can then be used to calculate the salary and other benefits. This can be achieved when you have an integrated solution.

Time and Attendance System
Time and Attendance System

When you do not have a full HRMS in place, there will be a possibility that the data will be lost between each of the different steps from timekeeping to payroll. Information throughout the process should always be available for the employee, the manager and the Human Resources department. For instance, if the individual processing a payroll is unaware that a employee has been terminated, an incorrect final payment may be processed which should not be done. 


Finally, the time and attendance system should be able to provide a tailored report on analytics using the system data. You can get the information to various attendance and other related reports with hours worked, shift patterns and other details.


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